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Before the first round of the 2019 British GT Championship on the 20th/21st April, there was a Media Day held at the well known Donington Park GP circuit. For many teams, this was a chance to see the rest of the field ahead of the first round of the season. For us at Century Motorsport, this was only the second test we'd had as a team but nevertheless, the aim was the same as everyone else's; get good mileage on the car, and learn more about how to extract lap time. The day was a new prospect for me having never been a feature event before for a race meeting. The amount of publicity the cars got was unreal and our BMW M4 GT4 looked amazing out on track. 

As far as the driving part of the day is concerned, it was really tough to tell where we stood on times. As most of the cars this year are new, (the new Aston-Martin Vantage, the new Ford Mustang, the new Porsche Cayman, and the newly updated KTM X-Bow) hadn't had their BOP test yet so on the most part were running completely unrestricted whereas us in our BMW chose to run the same BOP that the car ran last year, slowing us down. In general, it wasn't worth looking too deeply into the times as it's impossible to know who else was doing what with their cars. The most important thing was that I was very happy with how the car drove through the whole day and am really building up a god experience bank for the season ahead and I'm genuinely excited for the first round of my first British GT championship attack! 

As always, a massive thanks to all my sponsors and supporters, especially my main sponsors Cambidge & Counties Bank and to all of the guys and girls at Century Motorsport! It's an exciting season ahead!

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