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RD.6 - Rockingham

Following on from Snetterton, I knew my driving was only getting better, but I didn’t expect much from Rockingham. Previously in 2017, I struggled to get along with the circuit and it’s not one I’m a massive fan of either. Regardless, I gave it my all through testing and got to grips with the car and ended up P3 in qualifying on Saturday morning with a half-decent lap, but one that wasn’t perfect either.
Race 1:
For race 1 the team and I went aggressive on our tyre strategy to try and get an early jump on the competition, and use both our new tyres for race 1. However, it backfired. Being cautious into turn 2 on lap one cost me 3 places and from then on, I could never get close enough to make a move whilst stuck in the dirty air, and would bring the car home 6th, burning my new tyres up in the process.
Race 2:
Race 2 was on a drying track, the whole field were on slicks and the team and I decided to run a full wet setup on dry tyres and although our start was amazing with the car working well, when the track became drier the setup went off and I began to fall back from P3 to P5 at the flag. 

Race 3:

Because we used the new tyres in race 1, and everyone else was saving theirs for race 3, my sole aim was to defend in race 3 and in honesty, it didn’t get off to the best start with a poor launch losing me a couple of places before even getting to turn 2. However, I felt up for a fight and began a comeback charge progressing from 8th to 4th in just 1 lap including a cheeky triple overtake in turn 2. I broke away from the battling pack and found myself in a bit of clear air for a fair portion of the race. Soon enough however, I was promoted into P3 when the third placed car made an error in turn 2 and hit the wall, eliminating him from the race. My pace was poor on my dead tyres and for the remainder of the race I was having to fend off from two cars behind, both on new tyres and their pace was a lot faster than mine. I had to race with my head and position my car in a way that I could make life easier for myself. It worked a dream! I clung on to P3 to cross the line for my 3rd podium of the year and for me, this felt like a breakthrough for me. I’d had to drive so hard and still made no mistakes. It felt like a win on those tyres, so I was over the moon!

As always, a huge thanks goes out to the guys and girls at Century Motorsport, all of my sponsors and the family and friends who came along to support me! And still I rise!

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