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My breakthrough year. After starting my racing in 2010, I spent 3 years learning and improving, racing once a month, to make my last year in cadets a year to remember. For 2013, my dad and I competed in three regional championships - Whilton Mill, Rissington and Shenington. This dedication paid off as my racecraft really reflected my commitment to the challenge as the season progressed.

I ended 2013 on a huge high by becoming the only Cadet triple champion in 2013, which was a really cool achievement, especially against some talented opposition. 


  • Pole positions: 10

  • Podium finishes: 22

  • Wins: 13

  • Fastest laps: 9

  • Whilton Mill Comer Cadet Champion

  • Shenington Comer Cadet Champion

  • Rissington Libre Cadet Champion

  • Shenington Winter Series Champion

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